Walk with happiness, shake hands with spring - Children's Day theme monthly activities

31, May, 2023

Children's Day theme activities

Warmly celebrate Qingdao Yurui Packaging Co., Ltd. to carry out "with happiness, shake hands with spring" Children's Day theme monthly activities successfully held!

Family education classroom

The first time to be parents, the first time to be a child, are growing up with each other. Our company specially invited the national second-level psychological counselor, the international NLP executive teacher, the national senior family education instructor -- Mr. Wang, about the "parents seriously work hard is the child's greatest wealth and protection" theme class, let us learn how to manage the relationship between husband and wife, understand the child's inner world, and grow up together!

Children's Day special show

Children's Day is coming! I wish all the children, riding on the candy sail, sitting on the toy ship, pursuing the most beautiful dream of the heart.

Happy flight time

The significance of this air bus is extraordinary, because the participation of our staff and family members makes the noon air bus lunch more happy and more meaningful!


Conversion link

No pay, no gain, people only uphill is the most difficult to go, believe that they can succeed, they will be able to succeed. I wish you in the company's continued development of the road, strive to achieve their own value, give full play to talent, become the company's pillars of talent! Congratulations to my colleagues!


Birthday party

The taste of a year old, a year of scenery. In May, there are 7 Yurui's family birthday, wish the birthday stars the New Year lovely, laughter forever, joy always with, happy birthday!

Plant flowers in your heart

Life will not be barren

-- To the family of Woo-seo