Nine years of spring and Autumn, youth - warmly celebrate the ninth anniversary of the establishment of Qingdao Yurui Packaging Co., LTD.!

13, June, 2023

Warmly celebrate Qingdao Yurui Packaging Co., LTD

The 9th Anniversary Group Building event was successfully held!

Happy ninth anniversary

Nine years later, Yu Rui has passed through nine years. Through continuous practice and learning, in this new era of rapid development to pay no less than anyone's efforts to fight, standing in the forefront of many competitors in the field of environmental plastic packaging, head forward!

Yurui look at the world's first station - Linyi

On June 8 and 9, Yu Rui's small partners went to the "millennium ancient county" and "revolutionary red County" - Linyi Yishui, to feel the breath of history and culture in the new era to break through, bright bloom, and do not forget the spirit of the original heart.

The best way to live

With a group of like-minded people

Running together on the ideal road

There is a story all the way back

The head has a firm step

There is a clear distance

Empty bus dinner

The ninth anniversary gave the air bar dinner a different kind of meaning, by the general Huo opened, told about the nine years of Yurui packaging through the wind and rain, while looking forward to a clear and clear Yurui future development road, we work together to start again, create a more brilliant Yurui future.

Three weeks staff award

Chen flavor diffuse, frank and sincere, fully into Yu Ruixin. Congratulations to bag making monitor Fan Yongmei on the third anniversary of her entry, and received the gift of the third anniversary - red envelope, commemorative certificate, audio.

Five year employee awards

To alcohol to soft, internal externalization, inheritance of Yu Rui spirit. Congratulations to Chen Jiang, Cao Suxia, Zhang Shoulian, Jiang Xiaona, Zhang Taiyong on their fifth anniversary, and received a gift of 10g gold brick and a commemorative certificate.

Birthday party

There are four birthday friends in June, in this wish the birthday stars in the future days, everything can be expected, nothing is fearless, always young to rush notorious, often happy, more joy, happy birthday!

Happiness Council Recognition

In Yurui, there is such a small special team, formed spontaneously, in addition to completing the daily busy work, organize activities to improve the happiness of Yurui's family, pay for nothing, use life to serve life, affect life with life, bring happiness, applaud the happiness committee's great love behavior, won the event bonus.

Happy hour

The dinner came to an end in laughter and singing and dancing, and the relaxed and happy atmosphere infected everyone present. Finally, I raised my glass to wish Qingdao Yurui Packaging a happy ninth anniversary!

Nine years has not come easily.

Nine years of frustration and courage

Nine years of Yurui to mature

Nine years of Yu Rui to excellence

Thank you for accompanying me all the way, through thick and thin, and forging ahead

Happy ninth birthday to Yurui Packaging!